Working With Heart

Working With Heart is a consultancy, and a soon to be published book, helping companies crack the code for employee engagement and satisfaction.


What is Working With Heart?

Working With Heart is a consultancy, and a book (coming soon), that helps companies crack the code for employee engagement and satisfaction. Authored by Corporate Culture experts who have represented some of the very best companies to work for, this site (and the book) are here to help you recognize the need for a strong corporate culture, and provides you a blueprint for corporate culture success within your organization.

The foundation of Working With Heart is to deliver an understanding of what it takes for your employees to deliver service from the heart. In these pages and the book to come, you will find the secrets that make the best companies, well — the BEST.

Employee Satisfaction = Profits

Working With Heart takes a simplified approach to profitability. We illustrate the close correlation between Employee Satisfaction and Profitability. Once convinced, we help companies understand the steps they need to take to succeed.

Corporate Culture for Front-Line

Our consultancy and book addresses the blueprint for success at the front-line and working-levels in an organization. We define the necessary steps to rally a groundswell of support for change. It starts by teaching staff to Work With Heart.

Corporate Culture for the C-Suite

As you know, the power of a corporate culture transformation is closely correlated with executive buy-in. Our consulting programs help C-level executives understand and implement meaningful change in their organizations.

Our consulting and forthcoming book unleashes the power to change

Bill, Michael, and their talented team, provide consulting around Corporate Culture and Employee Engagement. Taking a global perspective in their practice, their formula of success is built to work for businesses on every continent.


Dallas-based Bill Owen is Chief Culture Officer and Co-founder at Working With Heart Ltd. Bill’s long and illustrious career at American Airlines and Southwest Airlines spans 40 years. He spent more than 20 as an appointed member of its legendary culture committee. He has authored hundreds of blog posts on Southwest Airlines’ corporate blog and been a featured speaker at the Wings Club in New York. Bill’s highly adept in driving business brand visibility, devising creative and innovative strategies across communications, social media, teaching and corporate growth implementations. He thrives in ever-changing, competitive, and dynamic environments. Bill excels in interacting with People, and he LOVES it!


Doha-based Michael Stellwag is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder at Working With Heart Ltd. He began his career with Southwest Airlines, and was appointed to its fabled culture committee. He earned his MBA in Texas and was appointed by UBS as a stock analyst in New York City. He later would take on senior leadership roles with Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways. Michael is Founding Principal at Ireland-based marketing consultancy, Silverfox Digital Ltd. He is also Principal at Chicago-based Clearspan Strategic, LLC, which provides strategic and financial consultancy to industries such as: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Nano Water Filtration, and Bio-Pharmaceuticals.  Michael is married and is a proud father to his 14-year old daughter, Zara-Ivani Stellwag.

What people say about Working With Heart?

Working With Heart provided consulting to my company’s upper management, giving them insights on the steps they needed to take to implement an employee-focused culture. Highly recommended!

Danielle Stephens

HR Director - USA

Michael gave our board of directors a lecture on the importance of corporate culture towards profitability. They were definitely impressed, and dedicated a record-size budget to enhance employee culture.

Rick Richards

Human Resources

Bill of WWH lays out his strategies and all the basics you need to know. He understands the levers that make a company tick, and was able to draw so many parallels between his past and our current situation.

Natasha Crowling

Director - Employee Engagement

The Consultant, Bill Owen, gave a 3-day workshop for multiple levels of our company, and the response was out of this world. We saw a dramatic improvement in employee performance, driven by their satisfaction.
James Johnson


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