At Bonusly, you’ll never find us without a good staff appreciation idea. After all, recognition-rich cultures have been proven to improve engagement, reduce turnover, and even increase productivity.

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But it’s one thing to understand that staff appreciation is necessary. It’s another to put it into action. It can be tough to get a read on what your team members will actually enjoy—some will appreciate gift cards and commemorative tchotchkes, while others prefer fun team outings or special activities, and others want thoughtfully written letters.

Using the concept of “languages of appreciation” (similar to the well-known Five Love Languages), we teamed up with SurveyMonkey to look at preferences of giving and receiving appreciation in both personal and professional situations. Go ahead and check out the full study here for some great research! Don’t worry, we’ll wait here. ?

Back? Cool. Now, it’s time to put those insights to action.

We put together a list of staff appreciation ideas—including some really inexpensive and affordable options!—each marked with the languages of appreciation (Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, or Gifts) it fits best. Ask around for your teams’ language of appreciation, and let’s get started! ✨

1. Write a LinkedIn recommendation

Words of Affirmation

pens-for-writing-notesWhen my previous manager wrote me a LinkedIn recommendation, I almost cried. It’s personal, meaningful, and an endorsement for someone’s hard work. It’s an underrated gesture that communicates your appreciation of a team member, but also that you care about their future success—even if it’s not at your company. Plus, it’s free. ?

LinkedIn recommendations are the gold star of public recognition, because it’s truly public. ?

2. Puppy playdate 

Quality Time

When the Humane Society of Boulder Valley visited Bonusly HQ with puppies, it was basically the best day of our lives. ?

Having a dog-friendly office has a ton of benefits for humans (although doggos probably love it, as well). A 2017 study showed that employees at dog-friendly offices are less stressed, more collaborative, and more likely to give higher ratings of trustworthiness to their team members.

Of course, it’s not possible for every office to be dog-friendly. A great way to feel those same benefits is by partnering with your local humane society or rescue organization to schedule a puppy pitstop by the office. Aside from playing with adorable dogs, team members get to take a break, spend time together (dogs in the office are also shown to be an excellent ice breaker), and make some great memories.

3. Foot the bill



Putting together a company-sponsored happy hour is always nice. However, it can be really easy for employees to feel like this is an insincere effort to curb negativity and disengagement in the office.

That’s why it’s so important to give employees “voice and choice”—some teams would love a weekly team lunch, while others would prefer other perks, like gas reimbursement or a wellness program. Gather opinions and survey your employees before pulling out the company card!

4. Summer Fridays

Acts of Service

When it’s July and it’s beautiful outside, is there really going to be that much more work done on a Friday afternoon?

One reason to offer summer hours is that it gives your employees more time to recover from work-related stress. By leaving work [early] on Friday, employees see that you value their mental health and work/life balance. You’ll be able to prevent burnout and boost productivity.
–Sasha Butkovich, Justworks


5. Spa-ffice day

Acts of Service


Give employees a break from the day by taking some time for tranquility. Offer professional 15-minute neck, hand, or foot massages, or even just let team members zen out with a guided meditation session. Sometimes, a quick reset is all people need to return to work energized. ?

If you’re hesitant about massages in the workplace, check out what our customer Incorporate Massage has to say about it: What is Office Massage?

6. Give early birds the worm

Acts of Service, Gifts

There are always a few early birds in the office. They open the shades, get the coffee pot going, and probably a million other things you wouldn’t notice if you’re prone to sleeping in. Show them that you do see them by heading in early with a breakfast spread and caffeine at the ready.

If you have a few night owls, popping in with dinner wouldn’t hurt, either.

7. Work from elsewhere

Acts of Service


A change in scenery is always nice, and could be all someone needs to feel like their preferences are listened to. Whether that’s a work-from-home day a few times a week for your introverted team members, sending your strategists off to a cushy co-working space the week before a big presentation, or giving the green light for a “workcation,” this act of appreciation shows that you care more about them working at their best, instead of just their output.

Need some inspiration for how to implement these policies? Check out the Bonusly Un-Handbook for how we approach taking time off.

8. Secret Recognition Santa

Words of Affirmation, Gifts

It’s typical that employees receive recognition from their managers, but do they also have opportunities to receive recognition from their peers? By randomizing recognition givers and receivers, you’re giving team members who don’t typically get to recognize each other the chance to do so.

All it takes is sticking everyone’s names in a hat and spending some time together to write nice notes to each other. Even if two employees don’t know each other that well, this exercise can be a nice ice breaker for future collaboration!

9. Pass the trophy

Words of Affirmation


Company lore can develop around the most unexpected of things—just ask us why we have a duck decoy in our main conference room! ??

These “trophies”—whether they’re physical objects or the honor of pinning a specific emoji next to your name in Slack—can be used to symbolize certain accomplishments and successes. When someone accomplishes something big, don’t just say “good job!” Instead, a ceremonial passing of the trophy along with a few words of recognition signifies to the entire organization that an employee has done something great.

10. Give time back

Acts of Service, Quality Time

It may be counter-intuitive, but putting your team members to work with a non-profit organization is actually something a lot of people enjoy. Studies show that “70% of working Americans believe “volunteer activities are more likely to boost employee morale than company-sponsored happy hours.”

In addition to being an affordable staff appreciation activity, volunteering as a team allows employees to give back to their communities and build purpose—two factors that contribute to employee retention.

11. Food truck lunch

Acts of Service, Quality Time


Go a step further than ordering in lunch! Ordering from a food truck is always a fun experience, and it’s a way to treat employees to food that would be a great change in pace from their standard repertoire of soup and sandwiches.

This is also a great time to take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch together–an excellent team bonding opportunity!

12. Get pumped

Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation

Sometimes, we all need some time to be loud and excited. After your weekly progress meeting, take some time to express your anticipation for the weeks’ projects. We recommend a line of high-fives or fist bumps to end your meetings on a high note. ??

13. Upgrade an office essential

Acts of Service, Gifts


Take a look around: is there anything causing an inconvenience to your team members? Taking the time to notice someone’s uncomfortable desk chair, outdated software, or preference for espresso instead of drip coffee goes a long way in making someone feel appreciated, set up for success, and that they, too, are an essential part of the office.

The takeaway

The similarity between all of these ideas is that it takes carefully takes preferences into consideration. If someone perceives appreciation through Words of Affirmation, giving them a new mug just isn’t going to cut it.

So take your time. Be thoughtful. Ask for opinions, because having a meaningful recognition and rewards program can only improve your company’s success and overall performance.

Need more ideas on how to improve employee engagement? Check out our big list of creative reward ideas, or download this guide:

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What’s your language of appreciation? Tell us how to best appreciate you! ??