2020 you’ve asked for a lot. But, to be fair, you’ve given us a few rare opportunities too. One of these is the chance to test how resilient we are. Before you throw more at us to really see how much we can handle, let’s pause there for a moment.

Your pandemic is the perfect set of circumstances to check our capacity to prepare for chaos, change, and adversity. That’s what resilience is. It’s not the ability to bounce back. Neither is this something that’s necessarily innate.

So how do we learn to be prepared for discomfort and uncertainty, at any scale or time? Susan Drumm has been studying and applying various scientific techniques to get to the heart of this, literally. Susan believes there are ways to build resilience through the heart, head, and body.

This involves learning to operate in a coherent state where your heart and brain are aligned and fully in sync. This helps control depleting emotions like fear, anxiety, and anger, and arrive at a state of renewing emotions like gratitude, kindness, and calm, which improve vitality, immunity, and mental processing.

This fascinating topic is the feature of today’s podcast episode. Susan walks us through both the theory and application of techniques like “quick coherence” to achieve this state of optimal resilience. We work together in real time on a 2-minute practice, that everyone can apply and benefit from right away.

With this new knowledge and control, I’m ready for whatever else you’ve got planned, 2020. Thank you for the lessons, but please, can your successor be a little more gracious and kind?