New Rules For A Better Employee Experience

Poor employee engagement rates and unhappiness at work seem to be problems without solutions. And it’s much worse than we think. If people aren’t engaged in their work—or happy in their workplaces—then they’re probably not having a great employee experience.

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Twitter Reacts: How to Make Work Less of a ‘Nightmare Slog’

In a breakthrough presentation at TINYcon 2018, Collegewise founder Kevin McMullin shared  statistics about the effects of an engaged workforce. According to Gallup data cited in the presentation, “An engaged workplace has 37% lower absenteeism, 25% lower turnover, 10%

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Why Public Relations Is the Most Critical HR Competency

Have you ever read a company-wide, game-changing email and thought, “Why was this sent out now?”

Yup. 👋 Timing is everything.

When it comes to HR, public relations is actually one of the most important skills to master. Here’s

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Better People Decisions Make Hiring More Efficient

Hiring is costly.

Hiring the wrong employee is even more pricey, and the more pivotal the position is, the more expensive it can be. A bad hire costs your organization in three ways: finances, time, and intangible factors. Hiring and …

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Honor Thy Introverts with Maryna Shkvorets

Most people think:

Extrovert = Loud.

Introvert = Shy.

But that’s not necessarily true. Introverts just process information differently and workplaces would be wise to be aware of these differences so that they can really enable introverts to get their …

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#WorkTrends: How to Make Your Organization Accessible for Everyone

If you want to keep your company away from the wrong side of a lawsuit, you need to work on creating both an application process and a workplace that are truly accessible. In news from the world of HR: DISH …

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12 Unique Examples of Employee Recognition in Action

Now that you have the tools you need to build a culture of appreciation, it’s time to get started.

It’s not always easy to come up with creative ways to recognize and reward your teammates for their great work, so

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What Is Employee Turnover and Employee Retention?

When we talk about employee turnover, we mean the number of employees who leave an organization over a specified timeframe, typically one year. On the other hand, employee retention is number of employees an organization keeps during a given period.

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Are Your Employees Ready For The “Superjobs” Of The Future?

I recently finished listening to the audiobook version of David Epstein’s Range, his 2019 counter punch to the drive for specialization, often represented by the 10,000 hour rule, as the best path for achieving future success. In his book, …

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Do Tech Companies Have The Best Culture?

Company culture. It’s all the rage this year.

Culture is so popular that brands have even started replacing the traditional HR manager role with swankier titles like “People & Culture Manager” or “Chief Happiness Officer.”

These new roles also come

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