Ways to Switch Your Work Routine

Working from home seems to be a new normal for people across the world. While working from home can be a fantastic opportunity, it can also be incredibly isolating and challenging—especially if you’re used to going into the office. 👩‍💻 

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How HR Has Changed Over the Last 10 Years

changesYears ago, the human resources department—often referred to simply as “personnel”—was primarily charged with keeping records, ensuring companies followed regulations and were in compliance with laws, and determining wages, compensation packages, and other benefits.

Over the years, the HR department …

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Top 5 Books for HR to Build a Better Culture

bookDuring tough times, an amazing thing happens: People improve themselves.

They take classes. They go back to school. They learn something new.

As an HR pro, you’re probably still working your tail off and trying to figure out how to

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How to Perfect the Skill of Listening

Coronavirus has changed the way American businesses operate, to say the least. And from work-from-home mandates to reopening strategies to locking down again in the face of virus spikes, it’s taken a toll on effective communication in the workplace.  Communication …

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Fairness holds teams together says Ralph Peterson

It’s fair to say that managing people is difficult. One of my mentors once said to me “the soft stuff is the hard stuff.” I’ve had enough experience in my own manager journey, and have been on the listening end

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How we talk at work

Introducing a new space

Welcome to Conversations at Work! This is Jostle’s unique series, where we hold space for today’s leaders to come together and explore how we’re shaping culture, creating connections, and driving change through our conversations with

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#WorkTrends: Going Gig Freelancing in HR

Meghan invited both Chris Russell, the founder of HR Lancers, and Jim Stroud, VP of Marketing at Proactive Talent, to talk about the new trend in HR: hiring freelancers and consultants to fill in the gaps.

COVID-19’s uncertainties are leaving …

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How to Actively Engage Your Remote Team Members

gothamCulture’s Kate Gerasimova discusses how to actively engage your remote team members on the Working with People podcast.

Host Harrison Kim and Kate address these questions:

  1. What are the most common reasons for employee disengagement in the remote workforce
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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and the Bottom Line

The events of the last few months have brought increased attention to the value that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) bring to the workplace and to society at large. Increasingly, organizations are engaging in discussions around flexible working, social justice, …

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2020 HR Industry Trends and Insights

A lot has happened in 2020!

It’s in the nature of HR to change and adapt to the current events that impact our employees. So, what are HR professionals thinking about? What are the top HR trends in 2020?

We …

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