Dear CEO, Having Your Values On The Wall Isn’t Enough For A Great Culture

Many a time I have been asked how a business knows they need to revisit their culture and just as many that I have been told by a CEO that they have a great culture whilst they go on to …

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8 Tips to Help Employees Stay Productive During Summer

summertime blues

Written by Tamara Gravelle at

How to Fight Off the Summertime Blues in the Office

Summer is almost here and if you’re like most managers, you’re probably looking at the vacation schedule trying to figure out how your staff …

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60 Performance Review Phrases You Can Use Today

If you’ve ever walked away from a performance review confused about where you stand, you’re not alone. The art of giving clear, intentional, and valuable feedback is tricky to master, which is why so many employees have experienced underwhelming performance

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Why Employee Experience Should Be A Priority For Every Business Leader

What is employee experience?

It’s more than just where an employee sits or what their desk looks like.

Employee experience is the culmination of all of the interactions and experiences that workers have during their entire tenure with an organization—from

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Understanding the Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy businesses need healthy employees, and when companies prioritize employee well-being, its benefits are reflected in the well-being of the company. The two go hand-in-hand. 🤝

More companies than ever are implementing employee wellness programs, typically as an effort to

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A Platform for Learning: The Role of a Sponsor in Executive Coaching

“Yes, my boss fully supports the idea of my receiving executive coaching,” a prospective client answers. “And the company will pay for it – they see it as an investment!”

Those are great words to hear from a client as …

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How to Calculate Employee Turnover

employee turnover - leaving office

For any business, it’s important to understand the percentage of people who leave your company over a given time period. Knowing your employee turnover percentage and comparing it from year to year can help you improve your recruiting and retention …

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How to Welcome New Employees with Effective Onboarding

What does it mean to feel welcome? While everyone has a different answer to this question, feeling welcome boils down to feeling understood—that others recognize you, empower you, and accept your place in the group.

When your organization helps

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How to Celebrate Employee Birthdays in the Workplace

Many people are eager to celebrate their birthdays. And if someone’s birthday falls on a weekday, they’ll be spending a precious chunk of that day at work.

So the question isn’t, “Should companies celebrate their employees’ birthdays?” Rather, companies should

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10 Great Examples of Google’s Company Culture

Workplace with tablet pc showing charts and a cup of coffee on a wooden work table close-up

A world-class company culture has been a key part of Google’s employer brand for years. In fact, Google earned 12 awards from Comparably in 2018 alone, including Best Company Culture, Best CEO and Best Company Happiness. Comparably reveals company cultures …

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