Putting on Lenses: 4 ways to improve employee experience

We all see the world differently. As such, the same applies to how we view our own workplaces.  

Surely, a lot of us would be happy for (and very jealous of) the friend who says they’re genuinely excited to show …

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Social Exchange Theory: What It Is And How It Applies In The Workplace

social exchange

You may remember learning about social exchange theory in Psych 101. 

Here’s a brief refresher: Social exchange theory says that human relationships and social behavior are rooted in an exchange process. 

In any relationship, people weigh the risks and rewards.

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Observe before acting suggests Jane Scudder

It’s natural to jump into action to solve a problem. Often we do this before we really understand the problem’s true nature and reach. This is particularly common in the workplace, where most of us are making decisions and solving

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Speaking Emoji: The New Language of Working

Emojis are both a language  and a technology. Cultivate’s recent study into just how we use them shows how creatively we’ve adapted to this hybrid form of communication. In just over 20 years, emojis have evolved from the province of …

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Quick wins for work life integration

The transition to working remote has been interesting, hasn’t it? We’ve suddenly been thrown into our home lives 24/7, and that has come with a whole host of new challenges professionally but also personally. 

As a 20-something student, I’ve suddenly …

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The Leader as a “Heat Sink”

In everything from soldering circuit boards to dissipating the thermal energy created by computer server farms, the technological world appreciates the value of a “heat sink.”  Without heat sinks, we would have far more component hiccups or even outright failures.…

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A radical way to think about employee engagement with Dr. Keri Ohlrich

If there was ever a time to do something radical, it’s now. Especially when it comes to employee engagement. The old engagement playbook just doesn’t work anymore (and let’s be honest, it never really did).

That’s why Dr. Keri Ohlrich …

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12 Ways Technology Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Are you always on the lookout for more information on how to increase workplace productivity?

“How to be more productive” is arguably one of the most searched topics online among modern-day employees. More complex and fluid roles and increasing workloads …

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#WorkTrends: The Bigot in Your Mental Boardroom

WorkTrends has been focusing on diversity and inclusion not as buzzwords, but as actions. Meghan invited Elena Joy Thurston to the podcast to share her story. Elena is the founder and speaker of the PRIDE and Joy Foundation and has …

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Employee engagement looks different for everyone

Employee engagement is one of those nebulous buzzwords that can be twisted and shaped to mean just about anything. Does it mean employees who are happy? How about hard workers? Or maybe it describes employees who are super passionate about

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