6 Reasons to Do Away With the Nine-to-Five Workday

Is the nine-to-five workday still feasible? For some companies and some people, sure.

But at an accelerated pace, COVID-19 has altered how, where and when we work. It has also proven why the end of the nine-to-five workday may work …

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A different way to build resilience with Susan Drumm

2020 you’ve asked for a lot. But, to be fair, you’ve given us a few rare opportunities too. One of these is the chance to test how resilient we are. Before you throw more at us to really see how …

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Employee Burnout: How Leaders Can Help Right Now

I want you to look around at your employees — in person where possible, and on that Zoom call. Then, I want you to think about how they’re doing. 9 times out of 10, they’re at least a little burned …

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ATD NYC Volunteer Spotlight gotham Culture’s Kate Gerasimova

By Rosemary Okoiti, ATD NYC

1. What three words describe you and why?

•Empathetic: I always make a good effort to make sure I’m considering the other person and the other side of the story. This is one of the …

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Job Description Complexities: The Problems and Solutions

Love it or hate it, the job description is a fact of business life…

The problem with many job descriptions? Too often, they are written to benefit the hiring company and not the person looking for a job. They also …

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How to Motivate Others by Starting with Yourself

One of the toughest parts of a leader’s job, regardless of whether you’re leading a corporation, in the community or at home, is to motivate and develop the people on a team toward a common goal. gothamCulture’s Shawn Overcast talked …

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The truth about cultural fit interview questions

If an employee doesn’t have the skills to do a job, you can train them. But, if they don’t fit your company culture, there’s not much you can do about it. You’re stuck at an impasse.

For obvious reasons, this

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Job Descriptions: How to Eliminate the Hidden Bias Within

In an era where more people than ever are fighting for social justice, why do job descriptions still contain hidden bias? And what is the impact of bias – intentional or not.

In a typical job description, there’s enough typos …

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22 Employee Survey Questions to Help You Create Better Growth & Development Opportunities at Work

As leaders, we know investing in growth and development keeps our employees engaged. 

It helps us develop a strong workforce and retain our best employees. And most organizations try their hardest to offer ample growth and development opportunities.

According to

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How to Support Your BIPOC Employees Right Now

August 25th, 1955. Many of us know the story of Emmett Till. His face was the bright spark that set fire to the civil rights movement.

Similar to the murder of Emmett Till, I believe that George Floyd’s death lit

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