16 Questions to Ask a New Hire During Employee Onboarding


While you probably feel pretty good about your current employee onboarding practices, you may be surprised at how they strike a new hire.

Are they as helpful and welcoming as you intend?

If you’re not sure, you might be best …

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How to Make Company Events Valuable for Employees

When Memorial Day has come and gone, school’s out, the grill is fired up and the neighborhood pool has opened for the summer, there’s usually one more milestone coming: The company picnic is just around the corner.

Countless people groan …

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#WorkTrends: Your D&I Journey

These days, many organizations are on a journey to become more diverse and inclusive. But how can we as individuals go on our own journey — and help our organizations too?

Those are big questions, but thankfully we’ve got some …

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Simplify your working life

Let’s face it: the modern working world is a bit of a mess right now. There’s the employee engagement problem, toxic company culture, and a pervading sense among employees and employers alike that our work has no meaning

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Vaping: When, How and What to Include in Your HR Policies

“Vaping” is on the rise, with 10.8 million U.S. adults using e-cigarettes; usage is highest among adults ages 18-24. Vaping devices often are small and discreet, which has helped them make their way into workplaces mostly undetected.

Some employees may …

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3 Essential Company Culture Pillars to Improve Belonging and Retain Employees

As humans, we naturally look for belonging, places where we feel included and valued for our contributions. It’s an innate need that’s necessary for fulfillment and can have alarming consequences when ignored. Put in the context of work, how long

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Lars Kure Juul on how to hit the happiness sweet spot

What if your people were your competitive advantage? In this episode of People at Work, Lars Kure Juul helps us imagine what this might look like. It starts by viewing people in an organization differently and creating meaning and connection

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#WorkTrends: Remove Bias, Discover Talent

Unconscious bias plays a large role in the hiring process, but with the HR tech revolution in full swing, recruiters are finally armed with the tools they need to one day eliminate bias from the process.

But what about the …

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8 Books That Will Inspire Your Workplace Culture

With one more month of summer left, there is plenty of time to pick up a good book! The gothamCulture team recommends these 8 books to inspire your workplace culture and leadership development.

The Culture Code: Daniel Coyle explores …

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10 Diversity & Inclusion Statistics That Will Change How You Do Business

Diversity and inclusion, or D&I, have been hot topics in the business community over the past few years. You’ve probably heard these topics discussed in meetings, sought out a company that focuses on incorporating D&I initiatives into its culture, or

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