Customer Experience Workshop July 23rd

Delivering customer experience excellence can be a challenge.

Get it right, and customer experience excellence can significantly improve performance for government agencies. It has been proven to increase revenue, enhance efficiency, and improve public image.

You are invited to join …

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Bridging the Appreciation Gap: How Employees Prefer to Give and Receive Recognition at Work

You just did something amazing at work! How do you prefer to be appreciated?

A shout-out at your company’s next all-hands meeting? A spot bonus? A happy hour with your team?

Here’s another question: How do your team members prefer

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Putting Health Back in Health Care Plans: What Companies Must Do Now

Here’s a bit of irony: When we think of health care we don’t often think of health or wellness; we think of insurance to help us cope with illness and injury. We also think of the process of dealing with …

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#WorkTrends: AI for HR

As we in HR know, AI is more than just a topic Common raps about in Microsoft commercials. Ready or not, it’s the future of work — and it’s coming quicker than we think.

So how can your organization adopt …

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How to Overcome Technology’s Retention Problem

With demand for quality tech professionals bigger than ever, it’s no surprise that the turnover rate is higher than in any other sector. The digital revolution has resulted in a scramble as businesses fight for the best talent to fill …

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Need to Ramp Up Innovation? Hire a Diverse Workforce

Do you need to ramp up company innovation? Need to boost ingenuity? According to research, the solution is simple: Hire a diverse workforce.

In a study, researchers at North Carolina State’s Poole College of Management considered this question: Do companies …

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Changing Culture with Chris Cancialosi

If “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, as has been said, then it’s time to tune in to how to create a winning company culture. What does it look like? How do you create it? How can you transform your team

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Your Guide to SHRM 2019: Tips for Making the Most of HR’s Big Dance

SHRM 2019 is just around the corner, and later this month, more than 18,000 HR professionals will convene in Las Vegas for the largest HR Conference in the world.

In order to help you make the most of SHRM 2019

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How Do Employees Feel About GPS Tracking At Work? The Answer Might Surprise You

Whether we’re new to a team or have been in the biz for years, we all like to think we’re experts at our jobs. We strive to build confidence in what we do among those who manage what we do.

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Dear CEO, Having Your Values On The Wall Isn’t Enough For A Great Culture

Many a time I have been asked how a business knows they need to revisit their culture and just as many that I have been told by a CEO that they have a great culture whilst they go on to …

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