Most Intranets Are Trying Too Hard

If you’ve visited your company intranet in the last decade or so, you’ve probably noticed that things look a lot different than they used to.

No, this isn’t your grandpa’s intranet. It’s sleek, hip, modern. And it’s overflowing with

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Why You Can’t Skimp On Radically Candid Performance Development Conversations

Most everyone has had a boss who failed at performance development⁠—helping people on their team grow and move forward in their careers. In fact, before I developed the Radical Candor framework, Caring Personally while also Challenging Directly, I

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Creating an Environment That Encourages Women in Leadership

We all know that women can be — and are — badass leaders. Women offer new ways of approaching problems, bringing fresh energy and a different perspective. But even though gender diversity has been linked to greater revenue and profitability

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Erin Hatzikostas on Being a Leader People Want to Follow

Erin Hatzikostas is paving the way for others to discover what it means to be a leader with positive impact. She’s not afraid to make bold calls and be herself, especially in the face of organizational change and transformation. And

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#WorkTrends: Why Wait? Mark Stelzner Says HR Should Change NOW

Change. Change. Change. Repeat. It’s the new normal for every organization, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. As HR leaders, how can we build teams that are resilient in the face of that constant change?

Mark Stelzner, founder …

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Bev Attfield Appointed as Jostle’s Principal of Workplace Science

Vancouver, Canada (September 6, 2019): At Jostle we’ve crafted our intranet to simplify working life for every employee and support the growth of organizations around the world. This requires a deep understanding of what makes workplaces actually work, and what

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Is Your Sick Leave Policy Serving Your People?

We all catch a cold now and again. It happens. And it’s simply not good for our health to be at work when we’re sick. Your coworkers may like working with you, but they definitely don’t want to catch your

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#WorkTrends: Your Fall Conference Season Primer: 9 HR Tech Vendors to Watch

Fall conference season is fast approaching, and you know what that means: It’s time to figure out which HR tech vendors you need to make face time with.

Of course, your HR tech BFFs here at #WorkTrends have you covered. …

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How To Identify And Retain High-Potential Employees

Every manager can think of at least a handful of employees who stand out from the crowd, distinguishing themselves by their efficiency and value to the team. These stars are usually at the top of the list when it comes …

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15 Employee Engagement Activities Your Team Will Actually Enjoy

2777441779_56d64f504a_mDisruptive Innovation. Paradigm Shifts. Higher-Order Thinking. You’ve heard corporate buzzwords, right? Every year brings its own jargon. Today’s buzzword of the day: Employee Engagement.

But what might sound like more trendy corporate speak is here to stay. Millennials are entering …

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