How Do I Build a Successful Employee Recognition Program?

It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful organizations use employee recognition programs. As we covered in chapter 2 of The Guide to Modern Employee Recognition, when recognition programs are used correctly, they can enrich company culture,

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7 Employee Engagement Groups Every Manager should Join on LinkedIn

employee engagement

If you’re reading this, congrats! You’re already taking steps to gain insights from the best and brightest in the world of people management.

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Through LinkedIn Groups, you can access the collective wisdom of thousands of managers, ask specific questions, take …

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4 Ways to Increase Gender Equality in the Workplace

The narrative around gender equality has largely shifted in the past few years, and organizations are beginning to recognize that gender equality in the workplace isn’t just an admirable goal — it can also drive profitability.

However, we’ve got …

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Dan Manian on Staying Connected as Your Company Grows

There are certain inflection points in a company’s growth where the culture can change. At first, it’s one tight-knit group. Then, as you grow, you see someone walking around the office and you have no clue if they’re an employee,

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#WorkTrends: 10 Dangerous Gaps That Could Put Your Business at Risk

Are you minding the gap? The compliance gap, that is.

Keeping up with regulations can be a real challenge. There are federal laws, state laws, county laws, city laws — and if your business is located in more than one …

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7 Reasons AI Will Take Over HR — and 1 Reason It Won’t

Artificial intelligence has streamlined many human resources processes. These sophisticated computer programs excel at recognizing patterns, planning and adapting in ways that mimic human thought. Unlike people, however, who can grow tired or bored, or bring unconscious biases into their …

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Occam’s Razor or Beware of the System Complicators

I bought a disassembled propane grill one time.  There were at least a thousand parts (well, maybe not that many) and the directions were about 20 pages long.  I began a long, tedious process of following each step and carefully …

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A Word on Coffee Breaks

Ah, the coffee break: a sanctioned 15-minute break during which you and your colleagues can step away from work, socialize, and sip a hot caffeinated beverage.

But for some offices the coffee break has long been extinct. It’s a phenomenon

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The Secret to Building Great Teams: Create User Manuals

Learning how best to work with others is a huge challenge that often derails and stalls organizations. Over many years I’ve seen tremendously talented and productive teams struggle because of subtle misunderstandings, miscommunications and unspoken conflicts. Most business failures stem …

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Max Yoder on Agreements vs. Expectations

We all have unspoken expectations of our co-workers, significant others, family, and friends. Unfortunately, none of us are mind readers so these expectations often lead to disappointment when people fail to behave exactly as we expect them to.

Max Yoder

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