Top 10 Books on Change Management

Implementing change at any organization is a complex and daunting process, so if you’re looking for guidance, you’re not alone. To help you on your journey, we’ve put together a list of 10 books about organizational change management processes, along

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How to Handle Workplace Conflict: The Do’s and Don’ts

Workplace conflict – we’ve all seen it or been a part of it. In fact, 85% of employees at all levels experience conflict to some degree. But, there must be some sort of way to handle workplace conflict, isn’t there?

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Recruiting in the Age of AI

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming webinar on recruiting in the age of AI. Together with SmartSearch on Thursday, Nov. 7, I’ll be diving into one of the keys to empowering recruitment today: using the latest AI technology.…

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Why Belonging Is More Important Than Skills

A sense of belonging is one of the five basic human needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We want to feel part of something and have an emotional connection to others. This extends into the workplace. To be fulfilled

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#WorkTrends: Should Love be a 4-Letter Word at Work?

Here’s a word we don’t associate with work: love.

For a lot of us love is a four-letter word at work. We’re there to produce and make rational, emotionless decisions where you tell someone “It’s just business.”

But is that …

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How to Change Org Culture: A 10-Step Checklist

When any company evolves, cultural shifts take place throughout the organization. These changes often happen gradually as an organization matures, rather than as the result of thoughtful and intentional action. 

However, culture shifts can also be the result of deliberate …

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Why Automation Won’t Fix Recruitment Inefficiency

Automation undoubtedly makes life easier for recruiters. From sifting through dozens of resumes in microseconds to sending candidate-rejection emails, automated software and processes streamline operations. But all the manual configuration and repetitive performance in the world can’t eliminate recruitment inefficiencies …

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How to Provide the Best Professional Development Opportunities

It’s fascinating to watch workplace trends shift in the modern economy. Where companies once focused on squeezing the most productivity out of employees, their focus has shifted to attracting and retaining employees in a market rife with opportunities.

Now, more …

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What If Procrastination Actually Has Benefits?

I’m procrastinating right now. Maybe by reading this, you are too. And guess what? That’s perfectly okay! Let me explain…

The thing is, procrastination has always been misunderstood. The popular misconception says that it destroys productivity. It’s the thing we

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10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the most popular yet misunderstood organizational topics. It’s a key competitive differentiator in the modern business landscape, and unsurprisingly, highly-engaged teams perform much better than their counterparts.

Think about your own team. How engaged are

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