The Calm in the Center of the Storm

As we face today’s challenges and uncertainties, we are all experiencing emotions and thoughts that we have seldom, if ever, confronted before.

Life indeed throws challenges our way.  And those challenges have varying degrees of uncertainty.  The end result is …

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What is Remote Work, and Why is it So Popular?

Whether you call it telecommuting, distributed work, WFH, distance work, or “geographically neutral employment”, remote work is one of the fastest growing trends in the modern workplace.

It’s not just for digital nomads or tech workers either! Roughly half of

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The Interdependent Nature of Culture and Process

It may not be intuitive to link something that is perceived to be as nebulous and qualitative as company culture to a quantitative, very nuts-and-bolts concept like internal business process. Surprisingly, these two concepts are much more interdependent than what …

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Is Your Business Working on Purpose?

By Shawn Parr, Guvner and CEO of Bulldog Drummond

When I misbehaved as a young lad, my mother was the one who almost always reprimanded me. After lecturing me on the rights and wrongs, she’d ask, “Did you do that

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New Rules For A Better Employee Experience

Poor employee engagement rates and unhappiness at work seem to be problems without solutions. And it’s much worse than we think. If people aren’t engaged in their work—or happy in their workplaces—then they’re probably not having a great employee experience.

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Lars Kure Juul on how to hit the happiness sweet spot

What if your people were your competitive advantage? In this episode of People at Work, Lars Kure Juul helps us imagine what this might look like. It starts by viewing people in an organization differently and creating meaning and connection

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#WorkTrends: Remove Bias, Discover Talent

Unconscious bias plays a large role in the hiring process, but with the HR tech revolution in full swing, recruiters are finally armed with the tools they need to one day eliminate bias from the process.

But what about the …

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Dear CEO, Having Your Values On The Wall Isn’t Enough For A Great Culture

Many a time I have been asked how a business knows they need to revisit their culture and just as many that I have been told by a CEO that they have a great culture whilst they go on to …

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