No platform provides more unfettered access to innovators and thought leaders in the world of talent acquisition, training, and human capital than Twitter. Following the right people will deliver information on new trends and creative ideas right to your desktop or mobile device. But who should you follow?

Here’s our list of the 17 top experts to follow on Twitter right now:  



1. Meghan M. Biro

Megan is a leader in the conversation about the future of work and technology as it relates to HR and leadership. Her professional background spans recruiting, tech, marketing, and digital media. She’s also a regular Forbes contributor.

Twitter: @MeghanMBiro
Company: Talent Culture


2. Matt Monge

Matt is an award-winning speaker and trainer who specializes in leadership, culture, organizational development, and branding. He’s got a special connection with finance brands, and regularly contributes to CU Insights, an industry publication for credit union leaders.

Twitter: @MatteMonge 
Company: The Mojo Company 


3. Jennifer McClure

Jennifer is part of the community on Twitter that’s dedicated to disrupting the HR space by  introducing lasting change and positive growth at organizations. She’s spoken at more than 350 industry-related conferences and events both stateside and abroad, including Europe, Australia, and Asia. Jennifer also hosts a podcast called Impact Makers

Twitter: @JenniferMcClure 
Company: Disrupt HR


4. Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn is perhaps best known on the web as the author of the HR Bartender blog, where she writes about topics related to employee relations, organizational development, training, culture, and more. She’s also a Mashable contributor.

Twitter: @sharlyn_lauby
Companies: HR Bartender, Unretirement Project

5. Kevin Grossman

If you’re excited about the upcoming Candidate Experience Awards, you should follow the guy who helps to make this annual event possible. Kevin is President at the Talent Board with more than 20 years of top level HR and talent acquisition expertise. Kevin also hosts the popular Talent Board @TheCandEs Shop Talk podcast.

Twitter: @KevinWGrossman
Company: Talent Board

6. Jason Lauritsen

Author and HR influencer Jason Lauritsen believes that work “can and should be a fulfilling experience for people.” He’s spent years helping improve workplaces so that employees can become better people both at work and outside the office. He’s also the author of Unlocking High Performance and Social Gravity.

Twitter: @JasonLauritsen
Companies: Talent Anarchy, Jason Lauritsen

7. Josh Bersin

Josh is perhaps best known as the founder of Bersin by Deloitte, an innovative research center in HR, talent, and training. Josh also hosts a YouTube channel with more than 1.5K subscribers.

Twitter: @josh_bersin
Company: Josh Bersin Academy 

8. China Gorman

China has a reputation as an effective turnaround leader with vast experience in the HCM marketplace. Currently, she serves on the board at Motivis Learning and HRCI. Her twitter feed is a valuable resource for new trends and insightful views into the modern world of HR and talent.

Twitter: @ChinaGorman

9. Greg Savage

Greg is a trusted voice in the global recruitment and professional services community. In addition to founding numerous successful businesses, he’s also a regular keynote speaker at conferences. He’s the author of the bestselling book The Savage Truth.

Twitter: @greg_savage
Companies: People2People, Firebrand Talent Search and Recruitment Solutions

10. Ryan Kahn

Ryan is one of the world’s best known career coaches. He’s known for his candid-yet-constructive approach to coaching, which comes across on his Twitter feed. Ryan is also known for being the former career coach on MTV’s Hired.

Twitter: @hired
Company: The Hired Group

11. Trish McFarlane

Trish is the CEO and principal analyst for H3 HR Advisors and author of the HR Ringleader blog. A former exec with more than 20 years of experience in public accounting, healthcare, and manufacturing, she uses Twitter to share her valuable insights with her followers.

Company:, HR Happy Hour

12. Aubrey Blanche

Aubrey is doing the critical work of bringing more diversity to the tech world. As Head of Diversity and Belonging at Atlassian, she uses her position to increase access to technical education for underrepresented minorities throughout the talent lifecycle through recruiting, retention, and advancement.

Twitter: @adblanche
Company: Head of Diversity and Belonging at Atlassian 

13. Minda Harts

Minda is an acclaimed keynote speaker, adjunct professor, and founder of the Memo LLC, a career development company for women of color. She’s conducted workshops and keynotes for Bloomberg, Google, SXSW, and more. She’s also the author of The Memo.

Twitter: @MindaHarts
Companies: The Memo, LLC

14. Whitney Johnson

Whitney is one of the 50 leading business thinkers according to Thinkers50, a list of extraordinary innovators in management and business thinking. As the CEO of WLJ Advisors, her mission is centered in helping high-growth organizations sustainability develop their talent.

Twitter: @johnsonwhitney
Company: WLJ Advisors

15. Heather Younger

In addition to being a TINYcon alumnus, Heather is the CEO of Customer Fanatix and best-selling author of The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty. In addition, she hosts the popular Leadership with Heart podcast.

Twitter: @customerfanatix
Company: Customer Fanatix

16. Kevin Monroe

With his background in ministry, Kevin is more used to taking orders from a higher power than the CEO. His deep connection to people offers powerful insight into providing “soul care” for employees. He’s also the host of the popular Higher Purpose podcast.

Twitter: @kevin_monroe
Company: X Factor Consulting

17. Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is a best-selling author and EMEA VP at Twitter. Daisley frequently addresses the need for laughter in the workplace. In addition to his work at Twitter and Culture, he’s the author of The Joy of Work and host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat, a podcast about “making work better.”

Twitter: @brucedaisley
Companies: Organiser at Culture / VP EMEA at Twitter

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