Managing workplace communication is getting more and more complicated, isn’t it? Here at Jostle, we care about people at work and the changing patterns of workplaces.

We’re passionate about sharing new knowledge with our communities as we continue the quest to improve organizations through our employee intranet product. Helping our customers succeed is a priority—this translates most through our dedicated and unwavering customer support.

For almost 12 years, Jostle has helped over 1,000 businesses around the world connect their people. That’s why we wanted to share more about how we help them elevate their intranets: measured across all of our customers, Jostle intranets achieve an employee participation rate of over 85%. That’s 5X industry norms!

Optimizing your intranet has never been easier. Here’s an insider look at the many resources available to Jostle customers:

Establishing connection frequently

As we often say, communication is key. Particularly for organizations that have switched to remote work this year, Jostle is the new virtual HQ to connect employees. It’s become the go-to place that allows people to share and stay up to date on company news, and that’s why having a dedicated guide to lead the way is always helpful.

Our helpful Customer Success team checks in frequently with each organization’s Champion (person in charge of their overall intranet strategy) to see how to support them. Their meetings cover everything from how their people are doing, feedback for new features, to getting the most out of their employee intranet.

Jostle customer logo cloud

Since the pandemic, we’ve ramped up our customer communication; as we’ve always touched base with Champions digitally, keeping in touch in a remote-dominated environment has honestly been not that different for us!

Here’s what our Customer Success Manager, Deepa, had to say about her day-to-day at Jostle: “Every day looks different for me talking to Jostle’s customers, but we’re always supporting companies in line with their unique organizational objectives. I enjoy troubleshooting the most interesting problems with our Champions and witnessing their company’s transformations as they create thriving cultures through our intranet platform. We’re helping organizations and people achieve their fullest potential!”

Keeping up with The Junction community

Did you know we have a customer community? We launched The Junction back in May and have since had over 150 bright minds join up to network, share tips, and source ideas from one another. It’s a dedicated platform where people can hear how other Jostle customers are using their intranets to keep their workforces united and connected, as well as access exclusive Jostle content and learning materials.

Customer blog writeup

Sabrina, our Customer Marketing Lead, keeps The Junction running smoothly and regularly posts items on the latest new features and upcoming customer events. The Junction recently hosted a webinar to walk members through our exciting new Zapier integration and our CEO, Brad Palmer, even dropped by to host a News workshop (and share some sneak peeks of exciting new changes in the works).

The Junction is where you can get inspired by creative campaigns, learn intranet best practices, and of course, offer feedback to the Jostle team.

Intranet resources, we’ve got them all

Aside from The Junction, our customers are also familiar with the Jostle Voice. Via this monthly newsletter curated by our witty Customer Education Specialist, Vince, we spotlight interesting articles, workplace issues, and the latest intranet tips and resources. Our comprehensive Support Center provides customers with the why’s and how-to’s of all things Jostle, and our Customer Resources Blog offers in-depth looks at individual features, product updates, and tips for how customers can best leverage their Jostle intranet. There’s plenty to learn in the Jostle universe and boundless opportunities to use our comprehensive platform!

Time to flaunt it at the 2020 Jostle Awards

It’s almost the time of year that gets us giddy with delight… the time where we celebrate our Jostle customers and the magic they create on their innovative intranets! Take a look at what Onicka from Cota had to say in their 2019 Awards submission (hint: they won!), about the intranet being a true gift to their employees:

Cota - Jostle customer quote

Time flies, and we’re getting ready to put out the call for Jostle Awards submissions again. The team is always excited to hear from the diverse range of companies, seeing their passion around a common goal: connecting their employees. The Awards always fuels our drive to help workplaces thrive, and it’s inspiring reading stories and learning how our customers are using their intranet to achieve success. Take a peek at past winners right here, and stay tuned for open submissions!

To more learning, growing, and success

It’s been a delightful (and bumpy) ride, growing with our customers and supporting their employees every day at work. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones and expanding our reach to help more leaders who understand the power of a shared sense of purpose, belonging, and accomplishment. See for yourself the real-life results of Jostle customers, and get inspired by their case studies!

We’re here to help, so as always, reach out to chat if you have any questions about Jostle, intranet success, or workplaces in general.