I’m hesitant to frame everything I write these days in terms of its utility to cope with our new COVID-19-induced way of working. It seems like it’s all we read about. But, even though it’s draining, it’s also a tremendous opportunity to learn and improve ourselves, especially how we work. So forgive me, but this short piece will add to this endeavor.

When I spoke with Alexis Haselberger for the People at Work podcast, we were pre-COVID-19 with the luxury of outside adventures, brunches, and vacation plans taking shape. We blissfully engaged in a lighthearted, yet impactful, conversation on productivity and specifically how to use our time at work better so that we can have more time for other parts of our lives.

Now times have rapidly changed. But, the trusted system that Alexis advocates is prescient. We need to prioritize, simplify, plan, and set goals to reduce our mental load more now than ever before. As we all juggle new priorities and demands on our time, we have to find ways to work smarter and streamline everything we do.

Not only is Alexis a time management and productivity expert, she’s also a friendly voice at a time of strife. This episode will help you think about your work day and how you can make it work better for you. If we’re being forced to change our lives, let’s choose to change for good.

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