If you’ve ever tackled the task of understanding employee sentiment, you’ll know that it’s hard to do. And often we fall into the trap of using our intuition rather than empirical methods to gather and use this information. This can create myriad problems at every level of an organization.

That’s why Dr. Aaron Barth advocates for a scientific approach, which results in the truth rather than simply one person’s biased view of the world. These optics get in the way of understanding the real cause of problems at work, and therefore the solutions to solve them are flawed. 

In our latest episode of People at Work, I talk with Aaron about his model for scientific HR in particular. This starts with identifying what you care about, then the intuition-busting step of exploring evidence-based frameworks to solve the problem, and finally, observing actual lived experiences.  

If you’re about to tackle your next engagement survey or are trying to uncover what’s at the heart of a problem in your workplace culture, take a listen. You’ll hear great ideas for how to keep truth at the core of your discovery, and force optics aside.

Listen to the episode