Things in this world move so quickly nowadays. The people and companies that’re going to survive are the ones that’re able to change. 

That’s easy when you’re a really nimble 10-person team trying to find your footing, but as you grow your leaders have to actively design a culture that’s built to lead change. That’s not so easy… especially when things seem to be going well.

I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Grace Lee about what’s required to create a culture of change. The first step is understanding that change is inevitable. Yup… that’s a cliche. But it’s a cliche because it’s 100% true.

Second, you need the courage to seek out the truth and admit that you may be wrong. If not, you end up just inviting lies and surrounding yourself with yes-people.

Third, understand what your desired end state is.

And finally, be able to communicate that desired end state to everyone and really steer the ship.

Easy enough, right? 😉

Give this one a listen and learn how you can better prepare yourself and your organization for change.

With this crazy world we’re living in, you’ll want to give this one a listen.

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