Everyone loves a good story. But what about the story of your life? How much do you like it, and how empowered do you feel to write a new narrative for yourself? According to Flip Flippen, we all have first, second, and third stories of our lives. It’s the authors of those stories that differ though.

Flip’s new book Your Third Story – Author The Life You Were Meant To Live authored with Dr. Chris J White, embraces the idea that first and second stories are for the most part created for us by others, whereas our third story is ours to write. 

I loved reading the book almost as much as I enjoyed talking about it with Flip for People at Work. One of Flip’s ideas that resonated most with me is that there’s no here without a there. This means that we arrive where we are today because of what we’ve lived through but we have the power to make decisions about how to move forward. 

Flip’s ideas are relevant to organizations as well as people. If you’re interested in making meaningful change in your life or business, listening to Flip may offer advice and inspiration before you take the leap. It made me pause and then take action, and I wish the same for you!