Yesterday a co-worker sent me a note of thanks. It made me smile because he took the time to craft the note, emphasizing specifically how I had helped him. It was a simple, lovely gesture, and it made me feel good.

This is the kind of fuel that Kerry Wekelo believes is needed to build and boost workplace culture. She puts gratitude at the top of her list not only for those around her, but for herself too. She makes it a daily practice to observe actions and contributions, and extend gratitude whenever she can.

Gratitude is an easy way to show people the impact they’re having, and why that impact is important to an organization. And let’s face it, there isn’t a simpler way to infuse your culture with goodwill, positivity, and humanity.

If you want to find out how to pull the power of thanks into your organization, listen to Kerry share motivation and examples of gratitude for self and others—and learn how far this has catapulted her and her organization towards a more purposeful and meaningful existence.

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