Most people think:

Extrovert = Loud.

Introvert = Shy.

But that’s not necessarily true. Introverts just process information differently and workplaces would be wise to be aware of these differences so that they can really enable introverts to get their voices heard.

In this episode, I talk with Maryna Shkvorets about how workplaces can enable introverts to thrive and shares some tips and tricks on how introverts can get their voices heard in meetings.

We also discuss how to detach from the fear associated with public speaking so that you can deliver a confident, powerful presentation.

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“You have to cultivate who you want to be as a speaker to create that vision for yourself.”


Maryna is a public speaking coach helping leaders step into a new sense of confidence and presence, create engaging and persuasive talks, and detach from stage fright. She’s also an adventure seeker who’s into sailing, dance, and powerlifting.