gothamCulture’s Kate Gerasimova discusses how to actively engage your remote team members on the Working with People podcast.

Host Harrison Kim and Kate address these questions:

  1. What are the most common reasons for employee disengagement in the remote workforce (are these reasons different than in non-remote workforces)?
  2. What are some tell-tale signs of employee disengagement in the remote workforce?
  3. What are some initiatives to engage disengaged, unmotivated remote employees, and maintain a positive company culture?

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Kate Gerasimova
Kate Gerasimova, associate at gothamCulture, has over 4 years of consulting experience, helping clients create efficiencies and improve their business performance through strategy and organizational development, change management, and process improvement. She is passionate about aligning organizational culture with business strategy and finding creative solutions to today’s organizational development challenges.
Kate Gerasimova
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