Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Working With Hearth is proud to provide an industry-leading HR information system

to help you manage the HR side of your business more efficiently.

What can our HR Informations System do?

Working With Heart offers an HR software program that gathers and organizes all the data you have during the life cycle of the employee and helps you excel in your HR services the entire time. Regardless of whether you’re recruiting, onboarding, planning payroll, or building your employer brand, we make transaction and soft-side HR as easy as it can possibly be, giving you the time and knowledge needed to invest in your most significant resource—your people.

1. Employee Database Software

Manage and organize all of your sensitive data of employees in our secure HR database.

Easily become a data specialist for employees.

Tracking employee records has never been simpler. Because of our employee database, can have all the data. You have complete control of all of your main data in one location, accessible from anywhere, including standard categories such as personal and payment details and a lot more.  Working With Heart helps you consolidate fragmented HR databases and spreadsheets, instead organizing and consolidating data so it is there  whenever you need it, right at your fingertips.

No more double entry errors and multiple updates.

You probably know how it feels to have the burden of updating data in so many different places manually. It becomes very difficult to keep employee data accurate: through spreadsheets, individual papers, and scribbled sticky notes. You think you’re finished only to find one more file you need to update – every time you make an update. But with Working With Heart HRIS, your data resides in a central HR database with our software that integrates with all our software features. These include third-party integrations, so that you can enter, upgrade, and review employee records in an instant and you will never have to second-guess your accuracy again.

Self-service employee data entry.

Self-service is much more effective than doing your own data entry, but you still need to be able to monitor who can access the sensitive information of your employees. We have custom access levels that allow you to grant each staff member access to edit their personal information while restricting their access to confidential company data. This ability, alone, eliminates a huge burden of time and expense, all while maintaining the security of your information.

Customize the fields you want to track.

We know that every business is different, and we can customize your employee database to track anything you need, whether it’s allocating office equipment, t-shirt sizes, or family information, anniversary dates, and much more. We enable you to store any information you want alongside other employee data that you are already gathering. This is more effective than storing these additional information on a separate spreadsheet. In one database, you can keep your company running smoothly, and you will have efficient access to all the data you need.

Keep your data secure and your business compliant.

We’re serious about the security of your sensitive information, and we know you are, too. After all, you don’t track meaningless details; rather, you handle confidential information about employees. Our employee database program provides enterprise-level security that protects your most closely guarded HR records. Although we make your information more accessible, we go to great lengths to ensure you remain compliant with HR data laws and ensure your data is kept securely.


Modern and cutting-edge recruitment tools that help you find the best talent for the role(s) at hand.

Recruiting software that helps you hire the best people every time.

The fast and accurate candidates finder helps you catch the best prospects, making your recruiter’s job much more simple. Our hiring software module allows you to have access to applicant details, structured for any level of recruitment, so that you can concentrate on selecting the best talent for the position and delivering a positive experience for the candidate.

You’ll Deliver the best hiring experience possible.

From submission to the proposal letter, a great recruiting process can feel smooth, with the right tools in place. If you’re not well prepared, you can lose talent to rivals and damage your employer brand. At any step of the assessment, we make the recruiting process convenient for candidates and guarantee prompt contact, so applicants feel recognized and aware, while the hiring team feels like an all-star in their candidate handling. This drives your employer brand credibility through the roof!

Recruiting software that lets you hire as a team.

The Working With Heart recruitment module makes hiring easy. Adding personalized permissions makes it possible, at any point, to obtain feedback from partners and team members. Automatic notifications and in-system messaging keep the process going without declines in the levels of contact with candidates and hiring teams.  Our centralized candidate data gets pushed to the internet and smartphones immediately, guaranteeing that everyone with a need to know is in the loop.

With our hiring system, you can send offer letters on time.

When you find the right candidate, submitting a proposal can’t happen quickly enough. We make the process fast and easy. For all your listed roles, our flexible offer letter templates auto-populate candidate data. We make acceptance just as easy, with available electronic signature functionality, make it as easy to approve an invitation as submitting an email! No more delays or hassle looking for a printer, scanner, or a fax machine.

Our ATS app keeps you connected in both iOS and Android.

Recruiting doesn’t work on a 9 to 5 routine, because the process never sleeps. The Working With Heart recruitment module posts positions on the go and immediately begins evaluating applications the moment they come in.  Thanks to our smartphone apps, collaborators can see resumes, provide answers to candidate questions almost anywhere. You and your teams will be connected 24×7 with our IoS and Android applications, ensuring your business never has to sleep.

Recruiting software that helps you hire better & faster.

When you don’t know where the challenges are, enhancing the recruiting process is complicated. To monitor your time-to-hire, recognize bottlenecks, and notice problems along the way, WWH recruitment tools provides reporting and analytics. Our hiring technology allows allows you to recruit more effectively, boost the candidate experience, and maximize the employer brand.

Post open positions on job boards easily.

With all of the noise of today’s work market, recruiting high-quality workers can be tough. You will share work listings on job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor, and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through WWH recruitment apps. Now, you can easily and quickly meet the best applicants for your roles.

An awesome hiring process deserves awesome onboarding.

We all know that a great recruiting process does not end at the offer letter. Without skipping a beat, Working With Heart recruitment software enables you to seamlessly transition from hiring to onboarding. Hiring managers can configure new recruit kits and remind hires what to expect on their first day, welcome them to their new colleagues, and delegate key onboarding duties so that they are ready to go as soon as they reach the office.

3. Employee Onboarding MADE EASY

Set your people up for success from the start.

Help get  your staff started on the right foot.

Embracing our onboarding software enables you to quickly and easily prepare your staff for productivity from day number one. Our tools streamline the onboarding process by providing the most important information, processes, and disclosures an employee needs in order to quickly focus on what they were brought to do. Our tools help you gear up for the transactional side of the HR journey and frees up time for the more human side of HR, which is what will truly set you apart.


The impression an employer develops in its new hires is vital for the long-term health of the employee relationship. Thus, we place very special emphasis on fine-tuning the onboarding process so candidates feel accepted, appreciated, and prioritized. Our systems ensure that your successful candidates are indoctrinated into the brand and better integrated into their teams. This lays the foundation for greater employee loyalty.

Connecting New Team Members to your Team

Our software removes the latency of integrating staff into their new company and new teams. We provide modules that get staff up and running, and introduced to the right people. This increases the level of inclusion by new team members and connects them to your company’s vision, mission, and culture faster. In the end, when you get this right, you’re much more likely to have a highly engaged employee base.


We believe that building family-like connection between employees makes a tremendous difference in employee retention. We have many ways that we approach this important bond. One of those is our internal social connections portal, that helps people match up their interests and meet new people who share something in common. Our systems intelligently create social nodes in the company that may have never existed, thanks to our advanced database algorithms, and overall motivation of driving personal connections!

SHORTENING the onboarding process.

Let’s face it. We all know that staff are spending less time with their employers before moving on. Regardless of why that is, it is vitally important to get staff through a well-through onboarding process as quickly and efficiently as possible. The sooner they complete this important step, the sooner they can become productive during their shorter tenures. Our solution makes your onboarding process more complete and more efficient, enabling your staff to get to work with the right mindset even faster. We believe that our mutual prioritization of onboarding will lead to fewer short-term goodbyes and greater loyalty to the your brand.

Digital signature Capabilities that are environmentally responsible.

Our systems enable digital signatures, enabling you to collect a wide range of disclosures and commitments without having to print a single sheet of paper. Now, how’s that for preserving your environment? On top of this, your HR staff and your employees will both appreciate the use of our technology as a means of streamlining the onboarding paperwork process.

4. LEAVE Management Software

Tracking leave the efficient way – through Working With Heart.


We have taken the guesswork and hassle out of the leave management process. Our systems automatically calculate eligible days off, ensuring there are zero mistakes. And, we make it easy for staff to request leave from the comfort of their mobile phone or computer. Line managers and department heads are instantly notified and can take immediate action in the approval process. No more waiting on a slow and inefficient process. Working With Heart makes leave management easy and efficient for everyone involved!

Effortless and Accurate Leave Tracking.

Our systems accurately tally and accrue vacation time, meaning staff and leadership all have a single vision into how much leave time has been used or is available. Staff can even check future dates to truly understand how their leave accruals work. This leads to less unnecessary interaction between staff and HR, as employees are equipped with all the information they need. How will you use all the freed up time this convenient module provides?


We build our leave management application with YOU in mind. We know that one leave policy may not apply across the entire organization. This is why we build customizable leave business rule generators, enabling  you to create various leave profiles for the different levels of your organization. We do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Each employee gets what they are owed and all parties have the necessary visibility and confidence they need — regardless of their company role.

An intelligent dashboard for leave tracking.

Leave tracking can be a nightmare, with so many scenarios, so many limitations, and oftentimes, an overall lack of visibility to line managers as to who is in and who is out. Our simple attendance dashboard makes it easy for managers to have a high level view on who is out of the office on any given day. This system makes it easier to identify data for all hands on deck meetings, and to ensure you never have a day with not enough coverage. You can trust our handy dashboards to be equipped with the knowledge you need.


Our simple reporting modules enable you to generate leave reports that identify macro-level detail about leave management. This enables HR to spot trends and alert affected work groups as an HR business partner. You’ll never have to make another manual report again for your leave management needs.


Manual leave processing is inefficient and frustrating. The Working With Heart HRIS takes care of this by eliminating manual processing. Each leave request can be mapped to the proper levels of the organization so those with a need to know are instantly alerted of the request. Using a mobile or PC, approvers can approve, decline, or request revisions. Every step of the way, our system enables trigger-based messaging, to help humanize the process.

5. Performance Management Software

Deliberately and methodically develop your teams.

Employee Performance Management That Works.

Our tools enable you to run an employee performance management system that work throughout the year, not just at appraisal time. Our aim is to provide employees with enough objective and subjective feedback throughout the year, that there are fewer surprises come annual review time. Our systems place a have emphasis on KPI awareness and attainment, as well as the role of learning and development on the performance of your staff.


We help HR managers identify systemic areas of strength or weakness in an organization. We do this through roll-up reporting, taking hundreds or even thousands of employee performance management records and analyzing them across departments, levels, and work groups. From this, you can obtain a high-level report at the individual employee level all the way through to company-wide. This gives managers a pre-emptive opportunity to fix problems before they become unmanageable, or to give well-deserved praise when things are going well.


It is a proven fact that employees prefer to receive feedback on a daily or project-basis rather than annually. We have factored this into our HRIS tool, so line managers can easily provide objective feedback to their staff every step of the way. This is where our KPI tracker comes in, where individual KPIs are mapped and tracked, leaving little doubt in anyone’s mind how well they are performing for your company. We have found this module helps boost day-to-day supervisor communications, leading to better functioning teams.


Large teams are great, but how can you efficiently manage, monitor, and engage at a one-to-one level? It’s easy with our system. We enable managers to see high-level reports for their entire team, and we equip them with the knowledge to address the outliers that may be helping or hurting individual performance. So, even if your team requires management of hundreds of staff, your management will now have the ability to address in a one-to-one way and keep things personal. 


Working With Heart believes senior leadership needs to understand the pulse of the organization. It starts by knowing which work groups are the happiest, which ones are the strongest performers, and which ones are showing the greatest year-on-year improvement. Knowing this enables management to deliver accolades to its winning teams or individuals, and likewise, to address bubbling problems before they boil over.  We provide reporting that enables you to draw macro-level trends and capitalize on them.


Because we take so much interest in employee attitudes and opinions, here at Working With Heart, we have built an intelligence engine for your business. Our systems allow you to understand employee views on-the-fly, and we conduct macro analysis to identify areas that need improvement or areas where you are excelling. This two-way feedback loop helps you operate a heart-led HR organization that truly understand the needs and desires of its work groups.


We are all human, and we know the quantity of tasks can be daunting in a well-run HR organization. This is why we have automated messaging built-in that enables you to signal tasks that are due so everything is completed on-time. These are optional, so you won’t be pelted with unwanted messages. It is made to be flexible and work within your desired needs.


Landing Page

We provide you with a customized landing page that has all the main tools your HR organization may need.

Employee Data Entry

We provide an excel-like interface that make employee data entry easy. From here, we build the master employee record.

Master Data Record

This is where the data gets populated and gives you a master record view for each employee. There are many optional fields you can chose from, that give you the flexibility you demand.

Dependent Management

Once the master record is created, we add a dependent’s database for benefits administration. Family and Spouse information can easily be added or edited here.

Salary Management

Our salary management module feeds important employee-level compensation and benefits details which will be used as part of our payroll processing module.

Salary Payment Details

We can easily log or adjust payment details, so your staff receive timely and secure payments to their selected bank. Logging these details once ensures smooth salary payments at the end of each salary period.

Insurance Module

Here, we track and monitor the health insurance status of each staff member, ensuring they have the coverage they are entitled to, without lapses. 

Leave Management

We offer seamless leave management functionality that is customized to your business rules. These discrete records power our advanced leave reporting capabilities.

Leave Approvals

Our simple leave approvals process makes leave management a breeze. Here, a line manager can approve, reject, or request changes to anyone’s leave request in a timely fasion and from any device.

Payroll Functionality

Our system offers more than 13 different actions when it comes to payroll administration. With so many choices, we can process even the most difficult payroll scenarios in an accurate and timely fashion.

Payroll Master Record

We track payroll with exacting precision, ensuring clarity for your internal and external auditing teams. With high levels of granularity, it is easy to spot irregularities.

Payroll Recording

Our system is flexible, and works in such a way that even complex payroll calculations can be made effortlessly. In this instance, an employee may work in multiple job codes within one work period. 

Secure File Sharing

We know how important security is to your organization. This is why we’ve created a proprietary file sharing system that enables your staff to securely share files in a tracked environment, for better document forensics.

Pending Requests

Anytime there is a request that is pending, it will be placed in a dashboard like this. Your management team will be able to quicky respond to any approvals from any device, ensuring your staff get prompt decisions on their requests.

Toolkit of Applications

Our system is a one stop shop for all HR management needs, from transactional HR processes all the way through soft-side programs. It’s all hear in one handy control panel!

Leave Approver

The leave approvals process just got easier! Now, your line management can have a high-level and accurate overview of the leave situation for their team. With all the information at your fingertips, the approval process is fast and simple!

Employee Assistance

We have customized our tool to provide your employees with assistance in security letters, no objection certificates, and other common applications needed for them and their families. All in one place, we can efficiently provide greater security and support to your staff.

Time Keeping

Whether you’re taking normal attendance or tracking hours towards a specific project, our tool is equipped to provide accurate time reporting that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Timing Dashboard

Our tool monitors project and attendance timekeeping parameters. If anything falls outside of the expected norm, you are alerted, and can resolve any oustanding anomolies on the spot.

Overtime Handling

We understand that you need the flexibility to provide overtime and approvals on very short notice. Our modules allow you to quickly apply for overtime and provide the necessary approvals and accounting for an accurate budget and payrol process.

Salary Payments

Our system enables you to quickly process payments through Qatar’s WPS system or even outside through other means. All payments are logged here to ensure an accurate auditing and accounting process.

Multiple Payment Type

We log all payments made to staff regardless of the method of payment. Once logged here, you have a complete salary and benefits record for each staff which is tethered to the master employee record.

A GLIMPSE OF OUR Mobile Portal

Landing Page

An easy to access main page for attendance and other HR functional tracking services. Conveniently accessible using IoS and Android devices.

Timekeeping Module

Allow your teams to easily report to their work or project, keeping close time records. We’ve built in controls to ensure timing is kept in a tamperproof format, without privacy concerns.

Account Dashboard

Your teams will never be in the dark with our mobile application. They can track all the important HR services and status of their requests right here at the click of a button.

Attendance Status

In one simple check, a staff member can check the status of their time keeping for today and recent previous days in the work period. This ensures there are no payroll snafus at the end of the pay period.

Interaction Dashboard

Here is where the most important alerts and updates are posted to staff, along with any oustanding tasks. It is the front door to HR team interaction using our mobile app platform.

Easy Approvals

Task management is made easy, with simple request modules for overtime, leave time, sick time, etc. All in one place, your staff can get what they need and approvals are near instantaneous.

Work Scheduler

Staff can easily observe their work schedule and be reminded of any adjustments in the day-to-day schedule, from one simple dashboard.

Employee Time Tracker

Employees have high visibility as to their time tracking. This includes eligible locations for time to be accrued, and a reminder of their upcoming (or recent) shifts. 

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