Malaysian firemen free boy's finger stuck in gumball machine

boy gets finger stuck in gumball machine The four-year-old boy tried to use his finger to pry a stuck gumball out of the machine. (Photo: Bernama/Front Desk)

KUANTAN: Firemen were called in on Friday (Apr 12) to rescue a boy whose finger became stuck in a gumball machine in Malaysia. 

The boy had gone to a sundry shop in Pahang to get a gumball, but when one did not come out, he stuck his finger into the machine to pry it out.

The Fire and Rescue Department had to be called in to free the boy.

“The firemen used a screwdriver and a special knife to pry open the screen of the machine and they had to take out all the gumballs before they could free the victim’s finger,” said Pahang Fire and Rescue Department deputy director Mohd Sani Harul.

Meanwhile, operations officer Zulramli Hamzah said the firemen spent 10 minutes trying to release the victim’s finger from the gumball machine while trying to calm the crying boy down.

The boy’s finger was bruised and he was treated by the Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) at the scene, added Zulramli.