This morning I settled into a comfortable seated position and, although I fully intended to meditate, instead I spent 10 minutes chasing tangled thoughts around inside my head. Sound familiar? I really hope I’m not alone in this struggle!

Waking up and focusing my mind is part of why I repeatedly try and improve my meditation practice. So, I was absolutely delighted when I had the opportunity to speak to Stephen Sokoler, and hear his ideas about igniting people instead of calming them down through meditation.

Stephen has a special interest in bringing this attitude into workplaces, and is achieving impressive results with his stress management and mental wellbeing programs, which include meditation as a regular practice.

Stephen believes that mental fitness is as critical as physical fitness, and coaches organizations and their employees around the world with both his on-site programs and new meditation app. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration to begin or continue your mental fitness regimen, start with this episode of People at Work. And I’ll be starting again tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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