With the current state of the world, a lot of us are in some form of transition. Whether it’s looking for a new job, or just taking the time to reflect and plan ahead. But where do you start?

I had the chance to chat with Stephanie, from Know & Flourish, about the steps you can take to dig a little deeper into your how and why to find out what you really should be doing. I know… that was confusing. Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you’re a sales leader. There is your what. It’s what you do. And often we confuse that with our how and why. If you dig a little bit deeper you can discover how that makes you different from all of the other sales leaders, and why you show up every day for work. Maybe your true why is that you love working on challenging problems with intelligent people. Or maybe it’s that you like changing people’s lives for the better. Either way, finding your why will help give you clarity on what your next steps should be.

We also talked about what we think the new normal will look like post-COVID and what steps leaders need to take in order to adapt to it.