People at Work, Ep. 10: Shawna Stewart on the power of purpose

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The employee engagement problem remains largely unsolved. But fortunately there are people hard at work finding ways to overcome this situation. Shawna Stewart is one of them, and she’s willing to share what works. At PostBeyond, Shawna is building a vibrant workplace culture that starts with the power of purpose. 

In this episode of People at Work, Shawna provides a frank account of her career and the key ingredients she’s found to be crucial to engaging people. With real examples, Shawna illustrates how leaders and feedback play a key role to support purpose on the quest for engagement. It’s not engagement for the sake of it. Shawna is creating deep and meaningful pathways for people to contribute, be heard, and develop on purpose.

If you’re stuck on how to engage your people, you’ll come away inspired and ready to act after this conversation.

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