“I really don’t like being recognized for my contributions,” said no-one ever. Well, maybe some of us don’t like public recognition, but I’m certain that everyone likes kudos in some shape or form from peers or managers.

Matt Thieleman tends to agree. As a leadership coach, he values recognition as one of the most critical things that you can do to improve your relationships and keep everyone on track in your team. And while big milestone celebrations are important, it’s really the day-to-day thank yous, shout-outs, and high-fives that have the most impact.

In this conversation on People at Work, Matt and I talk about the importance of recognition in an engaged workforce, how leaders need to start with self, and the role of values in building purpose-driven cultures with micro doses of recognition. In the spirit of the topic, I’d like to recognize Matt for how he’s helping create happier workplaces, and I appreciate your interest in our podcast!

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