I like to use a car travelling on a road as a metaphor for my career journey. I pick the car, I choose the speed, direction, and route, and I pick where to stop. The road and services along the way are employers, coaches, and experiences.

Until my recent conversation with David Nielson, I hadn’t clarified what the fuel was for my vehicle, or more pointedly, my career decisions. I now believe it’s self-awareness. According to David’s conscious success model, self-awareness precedes meaningful choice.

What this comes down to is if you want to live an intentional life and achieve success (regardless of how you measure that), start by understanding who you are and knowing what might help or hold you back. That’ll make it possible for you to make more informed choices about things like changing course, learning new skills, and improving your relationships.

There’s so much more to this idea. David elaborates, and introduces the other aspects of his book The Nine Dimensions of Conscious Success, in this episode of People at Work. If you’re in need of a turbo boost along your career or life journey, consider the potential of greater self-awareness to take you where you want to go.

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