When Marie Kondo sparked joy in me, I wanted to make changes in my entire home. Tidy, declutter, organize. It was exhausting. I was overwhelmed. And I stopped after one closet. 

Sound familiar when trying to make changes in your organization? Starting with grandiose plans to revamp your culture, change the way your teams work, or how you measure performance, only to stop short. 

Alexandria Joy (AJ) has seen this many times over. Leaders who start big change projects with the greatest of intentions, but with outcomes that are either non-existent or far from what they imagined. That’s why she turned away from the corporate world and began walking the talk of the 10 degree shift. 

This entails small changes that slightly shift direction or habits, so that you slowly move your people and organization towards a more sustainable (and joyful) way of being. 

AJ talks about how to achieve this, starting with individuals and expanding outwards into the many layers of the organizational organism. She touches on three areas where 10 degree shifts are possible for anyone: body resilience, clear mind, and emotional connection. 

So instead of throwing up your hands and exclaiming “we must pivot!”, consider whether small changes could help you course-correct more meaningfully for long-term success. Now, I’ve got a new strategy for dealing with my clutter.

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