Could we make better decisions if we were able to analyze not only what employees say but how they say it? Researcher Katerina Bohle Carbonell says yes.

By studying the words and phrases people use in the course of work, along with the frequency of symbols like emojis, we can tell a lot about how effective communication is, what people are feeling, and how engaged they are.

Not only that, we can use this information to understand how specific cultural values can connect people and teams, especially those that are geographically dispersed.

In this fascinating conversation, Katerina talks about the importance of data in building meaningful relationships and engagement across employees. We also dig into how data is a key driver in understanding how successful leaders are in creating psychologically safe work environments where people can be themselves, feel high degrees of trust, and make mistakes without fear.

In sum, Katerina believes that without data, we can’t make informed people decisions, for any type of employee, let alone those who are physically remote. If you’re responsible for people decisions, this podcast is a must-listen.

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