It’s that giddy time of year when Secret Santa runs amok and co-workers get merry over rum and eggnog. It’s also the time of year to reflect on what unfolded in the preceding twelve months. At Jostle, we launched a podcast earlier this year called People at Work.

We were nervous, excited, and inexperienced. But before we knew it, our guests were stacking up, people were listening, fans were emerging, and our confidence was growing. Now we’ve got 32 episodes out in the wild capturing conversations with all sorts of people as committed as we are to making experiences at work better for everyone. Thank you to all who’ve participated in or contributed to our podcast to date!

Before we break for the holidays (and take a short hiatus from our podcast schedule), we’re gifting you a collection of podcast episodes, handpicked by a few Jostlers. Pull up a chair next to the fire, settle in, and enjoy the wisdom and wonder of People at Work. 

Thanks for listening and happy holidays from the Jostlers!

Flip Flippen on how to author the life you were meant to live

Everyone loves a good story. But what about the story of your life? How much do you like it, and how empowered do you feel to write a new narrative for yourself? According to Flip Flippen, we all have first, second, and third stories of our lives. 

In this episode we dig into Flip’s new book Your Third Story – Author The Life You Were Meant To Live co-authored with Dr. Chris J White. Flip asks us to embrace the idea that first and second stories are for the most part created for us by others, whereas our third story is ours to write. 

“This podcast gets two thumbs up from me for storytelling and inspiration to live your best life.” 

Robert Glazer on capacity building

We all have the same number of hours in a day, so how do some people seem to get more done, and be happier while doing it? They have more capacity.

Robert Glazer explains how you can build your physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional capacity. We also discuss why it’s important to try to keep your capacities in balance and he shares some easy steps you can take to start building your capacity.

I think understanding your own capacities (not to mention, respecting others’) is a good first step to setting more realistic goals and expectations. It’s about improving self-awareness but also learning to let go of things that’re outside your control. This episode is a must-listen.

Shelley Underwood on impacting others for good

Once in a while you connect with someone who’s effortless to talk with and fills the conversation with warmth and humility. That’s what it’s like to chat with Shelley Underwood. 

Shelley believes that each of us can (and should) impact others in meaningful and positive ways at work and beyond. In this episode, Shelley unwraps what this looks like in practice: focus on the whole person, practice empathy, and seek success not happiness.

“This is one of my favorite conversations because Shelley is such a delightful human to be around. The interview inspired and reminded me that each of us can choose to impact others positively in the workplace.”

Honor thy introverts with Maryna Shkvorets

Most people think: Extrovert = loud and introvert = shy. But that’s not necessarily true. Introverts just process information differently and workplaces would be wise to be aware of these differences so that they can really enable introverts to get their voices heard.

In this episode, Maryna Shkvorets talks about how workplaces can enable introverts to thrive and shares some tips and tricks on how introverts can get their voices heard in meetings.

“Dustin outed me as an introvert in this episode. Jostle is full of introverts and thankfully our culture is such that our voices are heard, but that definitely hasn’t been the case for me in past workplaces. I could see past versions of myself when she mentioned that introverts are less likely to speak up if they get interrupted. Give it a listen and make sure you aren’t missing the valuable insights from your team’s introverts.”