This is not business as usual. In fact it’s not life as usual. We’ve all been up-ended by COVID-19, and will continue to experience its impact in the months to come. So what does this mean for how we relate to and include our employees, now that we can’t see each other in person?

This is a question best answered by someone who knows a bit about the topic. Rita Kakati-Shah has been forging a path of diversity and inclusion since the early days of her career on the trading floor as a woman of color. It’s safe to say that she’s scaled a few high hurdles on her journey over the past two decades.

Rita believes that decency is at the heart of making people feel included. If you act like a human being—show empathy, kindness, and concern—then some of the hard work is already done. This is particularly important now when people are feeling adrift, scared, and anxious. 

My People at Work conversation with Rita couldn’t have come at a better time to help managers navigate through these uncertain times with their teams. Listen in for practical ways for how you can include your people and learn how to be more personal, and less managerial. It starts by being decent.